Meet the staff

Richard Garnett, President & Owner / started working in a motorcycle shop at the age of 14 and hasn't come up for air since.  Richard brings over 30 years of professional repair knowledge and many ASE certifications to the table as leader of the pack.


Mom (Richard's...and everybody elses!)  Shirley Garnett wants to call herself retired, but she won't leave!  We're pretty glad she won't since we don't know who'd do payroll and take care of us if she did.  Shirley is retired from IBM after 30 years of taking care of them.

Lisa Cannoy is our customer service and service writing coordinator.  In our world, what she does is sort of like herding cats.  Lisa oversees the day to day operations of the auto, marine and RV service scheduling, orders parts, prepares estimates and keeps Richard motivated!  In her spare time, she loves gardening, listening to her boyfriend's band and hanging out with friends.

Tim Schrader is a local boy and graduate from York Tech in the automotive repair field.  Tim impressed us with his Dean's list scholastic history and has fit in like a glove!  In his spare time, he likes to torture his jeep in the mud (and of course work on it every time he tears it up).

The daring duo, Steve (Richard's cousin) and side-kick Troy are seasonal.  They travel from GA and spend time doing RV and Marine service during busy times.  Their favorite part of the job is playing on the lake water testing boats after repairs. 

I am Trixie. My close friends call me Weezer because I weeze sometimes. I run this place. All the other minions work for me. When I'm not running the show, I chew on rocks so my teeth stay nice and white for greeting customers.




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