Web Specials

Lake Service - Call today for special reduced Lake Service!  Oil change special in your slip or at your dock within 15 miles of our shop - $169.95.

Outdrive Service - When is the last time you had the oil in your outdrive serviced?  One of THE most expensive parts on your boat gets ignored the most!  $79.95 web special, our location only! (yep, it has to be out of the water to do this!).

Winterization - EVERY WINTER!  Don't let your engine freeze...the average replacement with parts & labor is in excess of $4,500.00!  Protect your baby with professional winterization - starting at only $109.95.

**We do offer pick up & delivery service

Automotive Oil Change - $31.35 with tax (standard 5 quart service), top off all fluids, check tire pressure & our 27-point inspection performed ONLY if you contact us and tell us you found the special on our website.  You WILL leave our facility knowing much more about your car than you ever have!

It's only OUR job to simply tell you what should be done.  It's YOUR job to decide whether it's important enough to address.  This customer chose NOT to address a bad tie rod end that we told him about during a normal service.  (see below)  1 week later the truck was towed to us in this condition!



Luckily this didn't happen on the interstate or it could've been DEADLY!



803-366-4554 or schedule by email at PremierAuto1@comporium.net